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Rentaz help you find quick and easy the machine or equipment that you need to rent or buy close to your location, thus greatly reducing transportation costs (very important as price, especially in case of rental)

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Moreover, RentAZ offer the opportunity to see VIDEO ILLUSTRATION for equipment or machinery listed, more relevant than a simple sequence of pictures!

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Equipment Recently Listed

Case 590SM Backhoe Loader

Case 590SM 2003 | Backhoe Loader | Backhoe Loader

= NA Euro / Month

= POA Euro / Month

România | Popești-Leordeni

John Deere 6170R Farm Tractor 100hp - 200hp

John Deere 6170R 2012 | Tractors | Farm Tractor 100hp - 200hp

= 57400 Euro

Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii şi Irlandei de Nord | Todmorden

Komatsu PW140-7 SW TL Wheeled Excavators < 25 ton

Komatsu PW140-7 SW TL 2008 | Excavators | Wheeled Excavators < 25 ton

= 3300 Euro / Month

= 3900 Euro / Month

Germany | Heede

JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

JCB 4CX 2008 | Backhoe Loader | Backhoe Loader

= 2000 Euro / Month

= 2800 Euro / Month

= 34500 EURO

Romania | București

Liebherr   R 924 LC LI Crawler Excavators < 25 ton

Liebherr R 924 LC LI 2013 | Excavators | Crawler Excavators < 25 ton

= 4700 Euro / Month

= NA Euro / Month

Germany | Kronburg

RentAZ for Clients who wants to rent Equipments

Search for a machine quickly and accurately , closer to your work location , use the search according to location and distances joined by pressing next button or choose this option from the menu.

search for equipment

RentAZ for Clients who wants to RENT equipment or BUY equipment – Clients that don’t own the equipment and looking to rent or buy an equipment

RentAZ offer the opportunity to find the equipment as near is possible to your work location in order to reduce transport cost. Also allow to the Client who wants to rent an equipment to have a clear image of the market in order to make the best choice for him (considering together equipment rental costs, transport costs, rental period). For example a Client who wants to rent an equipment for 12 months, can consider to rent an equipment located at a distance not so close to his work location (high transport cost) but with very good rental price and considering long term is more suitable as costs for him. Or a Client who wants to rent an equipment for 10 days, for sure will go to the nearest equipment available.

RentAZ for the Equipment Owners

RentAZ for the Equipment Owners

RentAZ offer to the owners of equipments that wish to rent them, a good access to rental market and the possibility to have the equipment listed in front of hundreds of possible clients. RentAZ also offer the possibility to list the equipments including location, in any moment on the map, even the equipment are rented (maybe somebody near to that location need the equipment after the current rental period is ended) and make customization schedule for each equipment. (reduce radically transport costs and ensure a continuity in rental from client to client )

About Us

For a long time equipment rental market was the preserve of companies specialized in this. Now increasingly more companies have a variety of machines that do not use them for lack of work and the option of renting is becoming increasingly interesting together with option of their sales .

Distance always matter! In general equipment market , especially if often hire transporting the machine to where you need it is more expensive than the rent itself , especially for short or medium time . The same applies to sale and purchased keeping in mind that often involves trailer or transportation of oversized and each additional Km counts as price.

Do you have a machine that sit around ? Put it to work (rent it) or you can opt for sale! Looking for a machine closer to reduce transport costs in order to rent or buy , Search for it Now ! All accessing :

Your machines sit idle ? Put your equipment at work! Every minute someone looking to rent a machine near as location! And do not forget , the rental market is a great alternative when you do not have income from the equipment you own ! How is used the machine not worry , you can rent it with your own operator !


Adding simple and fast equipment , selection of equipment and updating the current location using Google Map with one click . Multiple tender : for rent, for sale or both, our service offers users a powerful and easy to use platform to " put to work " machines that now stand . Possibility to upload short movie that together with photography will reflect better the status of equipment.


Search system mainly based on distance , just choose your location on the map where you need equipment category - type of machine , the distance to which you want to search and start looking .


No longer have to sit in every day to search , just draw on map area where you wish to rent or buy a machine and you will be notified by email every time there is a machine that fits your criteria. Very powerful and useful tool , especially in situations where you need equipment for a short period and this is not pressing for the time.


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